How long would date someone before they met your parents?

I have been dating this girl now for a few weeks. I like her a lot Thanksgiving was coming up and I thought about her meeting my parents. Problem is I'm not sure if that would be rushing things between us. How long would you date someone before you let them met your folks ?


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  • My boyfriend introduced me - the big deal you know, with the parents and 3 sibblings - after 2-3 months of dating (maybe 2 months of relationship). But I had met one of his sister on our first date lol. I was fine with it all, it didn't feel rushed, just a little intimidating, but I sure wasn't as quick to introduce him to MY parents. I don't recall when he first met my brother because my brother already knew who he was because we even started dating. Anyway so as for my parents, they met my boyfriend very casually and unofficially on a Saturday morning when they came to visit me at my apartment. They didn't stay for long - maybe an hour - and they didn't ask him any questions. He just happened to be there when they visited and that's how they met. My boyfriend didn't spend nearly as much time with my family as I did with his family but we both have very different family units - him still living with his family and me not living with mine anymore since 4 years.

    I'd say if it's important to you and you know that you're in for the long-run, don't hesitate. Just ask your girl how SHE feels about meeting your family. It can be nerve-wrecking and not all girls are confident enough to "play the part" with a bf's family so early on in a relationship.But don't expect her to introduce you to her family as soon as you introduce her to yours, because she might not be ready for that. Doesn't mean that she doesn't take your couple as relationship as you do though, that's very important.


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  • Since my dad disapproves of any guy who isn't a jock and I'm more into the shy, nerdy types, I try to avoid it as long as possible. My mom gets pretty mad if I go more than two months without introduction and four months without having him over for dinner, so I comply with those rules.

    As far as meeting a guy's parents go, I would be comfortable with anything after a month. I'm much more comfortable meeting the guy's parents than him meeting mine.


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  • i think that's too soon.

    after "a few weeks" she's still a relative stranger to you - if you like it or not, if you feel that way or not. a stranger.

    things need to get serious before you do this kind of stuff. you're not 13, you're a grown up man. I mean, what would you involve parents in something vague like dating for "a few weeks." if nothing else respect your parents' time.

    i would wait. get serious first. so we're talking here about months.

    • I think it depends on the relationship and person normally I wouldn't even think about this. But I think she's very special and I would be proud to introduce her to my parents.

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    • Because its something that I want to do

    • why? what's the reason?

  • in my culture you traditionally only meet the parents when you are asking for her hand in marraige. They will know a lot about the partner but they never meet him/her unless she is joining the family. I've only met some of my gf's parents as they weren't from a similar background or cultural group.

    • We both have the same background and culture normally I wouldn't even think of bringing a girl home with me unless I knew she meant something to me.