What is going on inside of the girl's head who avoids seeing you?

currently I am in a, call on the phone, text and online flirt relationship with a girl I really like. we talk every day, call each other by pet names, basically act like we are dating. this sounds perfect right? well we've done this for nearly a month, and I have still yet to meet her in person. we live close to each other and have made plans to see each other but she always flakes out. sad thing its that this is the second time this has happened to me. so tell me, what's going through these girls heads?


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  • She's nervous, no big deal. If you stop asking, she'll start. It's like a lost puppy... Let it come to you. ;) lol


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  • I don't think its necessarily true she is trying to hide something, but do be careful incase it is a 50yr old man!

    She sounds like she may be shy are scared. Have you seen her photo? Maybe she doesn't think she is pretty.

    Maybe she is worried of what you expect of her.

    Definitely do take friends with you, don't go meet up on your own the first time (incase it isn't legit)

    And suggest she bring some of her friends!.

    For all you know she and her mates are working out if YOU are legit or if you are some freaky old man!

  • You haven't met each other yet? Definitely something wrong. An online relationship can build up your expectations, I guess she's either not who you think she is, or she's afraid of letting you down.

    • i don't know how she could let me down. I like basically everything about her.

    • Well whatever the reason/result it's your fault for getting so emotionally involved with a person you've never met. Harsh, but don't worry, you'll learn from this.

  • I would say she isn't who you think she is. Why don't you try Skype? If she doesn't go through with that then something is wrong.

    • my friend joked about the same thing but she seems pretty legit. kinda just torn here because I've grown pretty attached to her. I don't have a working webcam either.

  • shes definitely trying to hide something


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