Date when the hurricane hits.. what should we do ?!

I live in the any but we are still supposed to be pounded with the storm sun-tues, heavy rain and heavy winds.

Of course I have a first date planned with a really awesome guy. He took off from work and this has been planned for a little while. What should we do if the storms are too bad? We're both 21 and still live with our parents so I don't wanna hang out at home with the rents around lol awkward.

Should we brave the storms and still go through with our date? I think that is the current plan but I don't know how bad is truly supposed to be.


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  • Braving the storms together will be bonding.

    Rescheduling your date will be reasonable.

    Some hotels will be storm-proof.

    • Yeah that's why I think we should go, it'll be a memorable experience to say the least lol.

    • Chose a safe place!

    • hmm now the storm is looking REALLY bad. It'll be a game time decision, don't wanna risk safety! but I hope we can still go

  • Go out and have a picnic in the park.

    You will never forget that date!

    • thanks lol. if the storm isn't too bad we will go, if not we will reschedule

    • @Konnour? In the park? Who wants a tree on his head?

    • Postponed! Too dangerous to venture out

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