How do I know if I'm ready to start dating again after harsh break-up?

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me about 4 months ago. We were together for about 5 years. It initially hurt like crazy because he was cheating on me and is now in a relationship with her. I feel like I'm completely okay without him now, but I do occasionally still think of him.

I feel like I'm ready for a new relationship, but to be fair, I don't want any new guy to think it's a rebound.

How do I know when I'm ready to date again?


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  • You're clearly thinking about it maturely and rationally. Everyone thinks about their ex from time to time. I still think about people I lost years ago. It's natural. But if you're not still hurting, still pining after him, or still upset, you're likely over it enough to start looking forward without guilt.

    You're the only person who can decide when you're ready, and you already have said you think that you are. After four months, most guys shouldn't think you're rebounding. If they do, you can have a talk about it.


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  • Honestly?

    Answer that problem, and you could write a best seller. Does anyone ever really forget or heal from a truly bad experience, if you really loved the person? It gets covered by scabs, but it seems to still fester for months and months.


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  • When you don't feel any resentment or bitterness towards your ex-boyfriend. Nor should you feel numb, because that just means you're repressing emotions.

    Just try it, who cares if it's going to be a rebound relationship. You have my permission to make a mistake, as long as you're not hurting people on purpose. (:

    He won't mind as long as you don't make a big deal about it.