Why would he criticize me?

My boyfriend has been sick, and we only have known each for 4 months. He got really sick and he has been pretty grumpy for sure here lately. Today I texted him to see just to wish him well. My text was "I hope you get better soon. I love you and I miss you. I feel so sad with out you" Then there was a sad faced emoticon on the end. Well, he texted back " I'm trying really sick". Then he sent another text which said "U need to work on your insecurity trust in god more. what's up with this? I was just trying to be nice. Why would he criticize me?


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  • It was unwarranted. Your text sounded a little needy and he immediately got his back up about it. Lay down the law and tell him that that was unnecessary and unacceptable.

    • Thank you. I thought I was just trying to be nice. Thanks

    • Don't worry, it wasn't that big of a deal. He definitely overreacted. I hope everything worked out!

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  • He sounds like he is delirious, frankly. Check on him and see if he needs to be in the hospital! Either that or he's a religious fanatic, but you would know that already if it were true.

    • Thanks. He loves God for sure. I just don't see how he got that I was being insecure though. ?

  • What was he sick with, if I may ask. Sometimes, some illnesses cause a panic or even a hate-the-world syndrome. Was it something serious?

    Is he going through a religion-phase? Or is this just his way of saying he's missing you?

    • He had tumors in his brain and had four operations quite awhile back. Yes he is going through a religious phase because he nearly died. But, I am not as religious as he is. He normally is nice guy to be around, but he gets these headaches from where they had surgery long time ago. Plus he had radiation treatments not too long ago. I am not sure if this is way of missing me. We just started being boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • I might understand if he was depressed from the kind of sickness he's going through. Not sure if this is the best time for starting a relationship...

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  • FYI guys are sissys when they are sick, they don't want to be bothered. Even if you want to make them better they want to be left alone and not let you see them weak. He maybe just being grumpy.