Does he really care? Or did I get played?

Long story short - He asked me on a movie date, I went, we ended up making out and going back to his house to cuddle. Days before that he was very flirty and totally interested. Then after the date he tells me his parents don't approve of us ever dating because he is two years younger than me and his parents want us to be friends first. He says he really likes me though. But his texts are becoming less frequent (hasn't texted me at all today).. What's going on? Does he really care? Or did I get played? And we work together tomorrow.. how should I act? :s


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  • This guy must be under 16. Do you expect him to want to be in a relationship? And I"m sure he's just telling you the truth about his parents!

    STAY AWAY from relationships at this age! You should be exploring the world without artificial restrictions

    • Lol noo this is an account I haven't used in a while! I'm 21 and he is 19

    • Still, pretty young for a committed relationship, and apparently his parents still control him...

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