I met a new guy... I don't date a lot...

I met a new guy online and we started messaging, then texting... the day we started texting we went to dinner that night. He paid for it, I'm not use to that I usually have to cough up the money for the bill sadly :(. Anyways, I thought it was really sweet and wasn't sure if it meant anything, we got along well and we have a lot in common, we texted all day today and he asked me to come over to his place and watch a movie tonight but I worked to late for that and he works early. I don't know if this is hints or just friendly, I'm sure we will hang out again sometime but I don't know help please!


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  • If he pays on a first date, it's nice, especially if you went out on the very first day you started texting! He obviously must have liked you enough then, to take you out to dinner in that short amount of time! I think that if he was already inviting you over to his place, that he is probably interested in you, and wants to get to know you better. Just go with the flow, and figure out if you like him or not and continue to spend time with him; things might work out, but it might take time. Good Luck, and I hope this helps :)

    • it helps :) yeah he brought it up again tonight but said it sucks I have a curfew, I don't work tomorrow so I guess we shall see then :). And yeah lol it was just mc donalds you know you know

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