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Hi guys! At the start of this year I had come out as being bi-sexual. Anywho, I had been friends with this girl who also is bi-sexual and who had broken up with her girlfriend at the beginning of the year. We had been hanging out and having a great time but she would always get close to me and text me alot. We did make out a few times. I thought nothing of it until I realized I was developing feelings for her. She left for a ski trip and when she came back she wouldn't talk to me I didn't know what I had done? Our mutual friends told me she did had a thing for me and they weren't too sure now how she felt. We ended up chatting to one another again. I still had feelings for her and didn't know what to do. One night a few weeks ago we did sleep together while drunk, I felt a bit weird as it was my first time with a girl. I didn't text her as I had no idea what this meant for her. A couple of days later I got a text message from her saying that she basically was trying to sort things out with her ex gf? I felt used, she did apologize but I was upset. After a couple of days I got over it, I still liked her but new what was done was done. But in the following weeks she has tried to make out with me and sleep with me again - I am so confused. I got out of the situation both times because I am not a homewrecker. And she told her ex about us which I don't know why she would - who now hates me. But they weren't dating at the time and I didn't know. And her ex girlfriend and her are now dating again but when we hung out we had to keep it on the downlow. I did vent to my best friend about it as I didn't know what was going on with us and I said I did still like her but we were friends and that's all it could be because of her ex girlfriend now back in the picture. A couple of nights ago we went out and she had my phone and left the club with it. She messaged my friend who I wasn't with saying that she hoped we got home OK. My best friend said she couldn't find me as I was chatting with a group of uni friends and I didn't have my phone cause she did. The text my best friend then got told her even though she does have a girlfriend and people have been telling her to back off and leave me alone she still cares about me? We were at the same party two days later and I got my phone back - and her girlfriend showed up. I didn't say anything and she said nothing to me but she apparently went through ALL of my text messages! I was mortified and so embarrassed. Her and her girlfriend had a fight that night to which the girlfriend was crying and she just walked away. I pretended like it didn't phase me and we were both not talking to each other. I feel violated and upset especially now that she isn't talking to me I am just so confused? What should I do?


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  • The best thing to do is to only speak to her when she speaks to you, otherwise come across as distant towards her, don't be rude, always remain genuinely you, but give her the cold shoulder, so to speak, this will encourage her to speak to you, and maybe then you can get the truth as to where this relationship is going or not going, but do not show her or anyone else that you still pine after her, or you will always remain the one who will always take her back when she hits bad times, don't get used or be used, let her know you can be fine without her, this will make her jealous and start wanting you more, and don't worry about the ex, she's just another one of those take me back please girls, who won't move on no matter what,x

    • Thanks so much for your help! Sounds like the best way to handle the situation. Appreciate it :)

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