Is this girl interested or just being friendly?

Last night I pulled into the parking garage to my apartment on campus. (We're both in college). She was pulling in at the same time and we took the elevator together. We talked a bit and we said which room we both live in and said that either of us could stop by tonight. So an hour or so later, I go over to her place. It's her and like 4 other people just playing some drinking game. I join in the conversation and we get to know each other a bit. She asked about my roomies, my major, etc... then her and the other people were about to take off to a real party so she said I should take my phone out so she could give me her number. And she offered if I wanted to come along to the party but I declined for this time. When she gave me her number, she told me to text her... I did right then and told her I did (I just sent Hey its *my name*). But I'm not sure if she read it right then or not... either way, four hours later at like 3AM, I get a text from her saying "Hey it was really nice to meet you tonight!"

So what do you think: interested or friendly? Why would she have texted me later? I already had her number and when I sent the text we were right next to each other... I feel like she read the text right away and then texted me hours later.


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  • This is very very early to judge 'clearly' on whether she was just being nice as a friend or if she was bordering more towards a romantic interest.

    But she really must like you, that's for sure, for otherwise she wouldn't have asked for your company at her place (+1), or even better to the party. Asking you over to the party meant she has in fact enjoyed her time with you so far, that she was willing enough for more together time (+2)

    Having gone to the party and still managing to text you as late as 3 am rather than anytime the next day to show you her gratitude further confirms she likes you as a person (+3).

    Give it time and wait for more encounters. More than paying attention to what she says (not that you shouldn't), a sure bet to "decipher" her intention would be to be alert of positive body language she's sending your way. If you catch her staring at you or making frequent glances at you (both not during conversation), then they'd point directly to something more than mere friendship for sure. I'm saying this out of a clear experience I 'm having myself concerning "speaking with one's eyes alone". They do yell of loud and clear "interest".

    • She hasn't responded to my text yet though :/

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    • I responded in the morning when I woke up. How does that impact it?

    • Hmm, this one's tough, haha! Um, it could be many things at this point, mostly depending on "who" she is, personality wise. Let me try and break this down.

      1) Perhaps she was expecting an immediate reply

      2) Some girls may want to play it cool by not seeming too desperate by replying back so soon, so perhaps she's taking her sweet time to reply.

      3)She's playing you (I hate this one)

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  • honestly I think your getting worked up about something tiny, she texted you didn't she, and she was nice! She was going out with her friends and when your at a party personally I don't spend every minute checking my phone, she probably got home and looked at her phone then saw she had a message. She's probably being friendly but if your friendly back and get chatting then she could become interested. It's not like she ignored you, she told you she was going out and that's almost definitely why she didn't text you until 3:) Hope this helps

    • No, I'm not worried about her ignoring me haha. I'm trying to figure out if she's friendly or flirty. I texted her when we were in the same room together and I believe she checked it right then to add me as a contact. But then she texted me later in the night after the party. What's weird is her text was sorta in response to mine... but there was no need to respond especially because she got the text when we were still together.

  • But please remember I'm not saying it's actually any one of these. What I'm trying to put across is that you should really get to know her more, talk to her, hang around with her. By doing this, you're getting into her head and it'll then be easier to read the signs she sends over to you. Cause people a re different in expressing themselves. I for one would never beat around the bush or play games, I'd reply soon if I do like a guy. But that's me, I don't know her. Just relax and don't analyze what just happened too much. Figure it out from future encounters :)

    Hey could you help me out with my question too? You'll need to get it through my profile, it's the only question up so far =)

    • I'll look at your question later tonight for sure! I actually have to take off now or I'd do it now...

      One quick update though. I went to this coffee shop on campus and guess who was there? Her. She saw me and smiled and I sat next to her. She was busy working so we didn't talk much but there is some info I learned. She was at the party until 4, she woke up at 8, she texted me so I'd know it was her number for sure, and she texted other people while at the coffee place.

    • So what do you think now? She was awake early, texted other people, and didn't necessarily text me because she wanted to start a conversation... but she smiled and seemed happy to see me, and we talked about getting together for lunch or dinner sometime.

      To be honest, I don't think I'm that interested in her... but I'd like to get to know her as at least a friend. She has a cool personality and would be nice to have as a friend, plus she has connections to parties and more people.

    • I see... if it were me, I'd suddenly start thinking she was putting me into the "good friends" zone after the extra info you've given :D Which isn't bad right? Since you don't have a crush on her per se. But if friendship is what you want, I think you've clearly got it already =) She likes you enough to want to be her friend too, asking you for lunch/dinner, which is great! This could be the start of a beautiful friendship for all you may know :)

  • I think its more than being friendly, more of getting/wanting to know you better.

    • in that case she's probably interested! if she's texting you to try and start a conversation and that she wants to get to know you:)

    • Give it time man. I totally feel you if this is for real live like normal she'll come around if she doesn't well you still got a friend there

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