I honestly think I'm a little crazy. How is this going to effect my dating life and future boyfriend?

Okay, so I've accepted it; I get a little crazy. My temper is insane and I literately become a beast when it gets unleashed. There is a peak of such extreme rage that I am totally careless and only focused on the target in mind; it's crazy. If I'm not tearing something apart then I'm plotting some devious, terribly treacherous little plan to humiliate and sabotage whoever has pissed me off. If I get in a fight, I'm not leaving until that bitch's face is leaking with blood. I just get so angry! It's like I'm not even me anymore. I would compare it to Hulk!

I just destroyed two doors, ruined my dad's filing and kicked a huge trash bin along with a lamp he broke right in the part of the garage that he drives in because he pissed me off. We had plans to go run groceries and go to the store. I was dressed and ready to go, waiting for him for at least fifteen minutes. He mentions the kitchen being a mess. Me, being my outspoken self, point out the disgusting stained counter that HE CREATED and tell him it's not fair for him to be so hard on me when he has left messes around too. After that he says, "I'm gonna go run my errands, I'll pick you up later for the store." This infuriated me. He's always f***ing acting like I can just sit around and wait for his overemotional ass to decide what he wants to do and I god damn can't. I am 20; I have a life and plans of my own! We've had that discussion before. So...

Me: "I've waited around for you ready to go for 15 minutes. I'm getting in that truck."

Him: "No, you're not."

Me: "Yes, I am. Don't be so self absorbed. I can't wait around for your ass all day. You're being passive aggressive and making an emotional decision"

He wasn't ready for my over-aggressiveness to challenge his passive aggressiveness.

Him: "You're not going."

Me: "If I don't get in your car right now then I'm not going anywhere else with you at all today except for when you take me to work. You cannot just inconvenience me because you are too emotional for a grown man!"

He got in his truck and drove off while I was talking to him. So I kicked over a huge trash been and smashed a lamp that he already broke in a previous fight right in his way when he drives in. Hope it f***s up his tires. Then I proceeded to kick in the basement door, knocking off the vertical frame completely and throwing the horizontal frame off track. Then I went in his room, picked up a box of files, and threw them against the wall.

I'm crazy. My temper is awful. I do feel guilt, but he f***ing deserved it. He wanted to pull an a**hole move; I pulled a few more and if he keeps f***ing with me, I'll make sure his ex wife never wants him again.

This crazy side never comes out though! How is it going to effect me in the dating world?


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  • All I can tell you is that it will have a negative effect if your boyfriend saw you this way. Have you seen a counselor or anything like that?

    • I used to when I was younger. I honestly think I was sexually abused and repressed the memories because I've had this intense anger in me since I was like 10. I blow up and take it to a level 10 very quickly even if the issue is frustrating and wrong, I still shouldn't take it that far

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  • Play foot ball / Join the military - you'll get your ass disciplined. Think you're tough?

    You're a dog that needs to be tamed.

    Go to church.

    Unless you get a boyfriend that likes to wrestle, you won't be in a relationship for very long unless you cleanse your demons.

    • lol, you don't know anything about me and whether I am tough or not.

    • Lmao then type a better question. Because I read what you wrote and gave you a reply based on what you wrote.

      If you deny everything people tell you, you will just spin around and stay an angry mind.

    • No, what you did was get dramatic and act ilke this is military and you are a seargant. I grew up with a REAL military COMMANDER. Not some guy on GAG playing like one lol

  • Some guys find hotheaded girls attractive. I find them very hard to deal with emotionally speaking, I had a violent girlfriend once, and I'm never going through that again. but some guys really don't care if you're hotheaded. nonetheless, it would help you if you sought out some anger management classes or something. it would open up your options a lot, and stop you from tearing down the other relationships on your life.

  • There's no goddamn way I'd date someone like you.

    That's just unacceptable bitch behavior . You act like a child and then belittle those around you.

    From the one story you've told it sounds to me that you're PROUD of your emotional instability.

    • this made me chuckle

    • I may have been a little harsh.


    • lol, I didn't take it personally. I thought it was funny. I sound terrible here because I was so upset but I'm really not a psycho

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  • U sound like you may need some mood stabilizing medication. I am serious.

    • You're not the first person to suggest that lol

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    • I kind of think it is...

    • Then do it and get but over with. Finding the right med is a process onto itself.

      Good luck :)

  • It's going to affect you very negatively, no guy wants to date a loose cannon. In fact it will most likely affect your entire life negatively. If you get this angry, who's to say one night you don't go out with your friends,someone pisses you off and you get into a fight? Then you could be arrested, have a fat fine to pay and lose your job. You should maybe consider some sort of anger management therapy.there are lots of different groups you can attend that work with that.

    • I'm not a "loose cannon". I don't go around acting like that all the time for no reason. This side of me rarely comes to the surface. However, thanks for the suggestions.