Why do I keep getting ditched?

I moved to this new place and guys here have been giving me lots of attention. but the guys I'm interested in do too, but they do something differently.

since I've been here 3 guys have ditched me

1 guy, we hung out once, he texted me a lot and kept asking me to hang out a second time. I kept saying no, but eventually I said sure. and he stopped texting me about an hour before we were supposed to hang out. the next day he sent me a text apologizing, saying he fell asleep. I ignored him, and he continues to message me to my phone & on fb.

2nd guy. we hung out a couple times, and after we started TALKING, he would talk to me more and then one day, he was like "we should chill later(:" and I was like "ok, around 6?" and 30 minutes til, he stopped replying. then apologized and said he really did wanna see me.

then he did the EXACT same thing 2 more times.

eventually I called him out on it, and said he should at least let me know and say "i can't make it." instead of apologizing after. and he said "ok, ill do that for you. do you still wanna chill?" I said "no thanks" and that was the end of that.

3rd guy, hits me up on Facebook. likes my pictures. asks for my number. texts me NONStop. and when I wouldn't reply, he'd text me again. & then he asked to chill a few days later. that day comes, and bam. no texts.

what the f*** is going on.


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  • hahahaha I thought only girls did that crap. Looks like you found Flaketown USA ^^


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