Why do you really think he doesn't text me around his family?

my boyfriend comes from a big close Asian family and they see each other everyday.

we will be texting and he will say "im with my family babe" and stop texting me.

i thought maybe he didn't want to be disrespectful by texting in front of his parents.

guys do you do that to your girlfriend and why


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  • It's impolite to text when you have other company, unless it's a true emergency. "I'm horny" or "I'm bored" is not an emergency.


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  • I'm not a guy but I have the answer. It is rude to text when you're in the company of others and even more so with your family. It's very bad manners especially if you're exclusively hanging out together and everyone is talking. I'm not referring to times when everyone is relaxing in front of the TV or something but in normal family time it's really a no-no. You should be glad your boyfriend has decent manners.