I like someone but not sure how to go about it?

was in a relationship for 5/6years and so I'm useto that & now that I'm trying to get back out there & just have alil fun, I found someone I like & we had our first hang out/chill time, but I'm not sure what to do next, I don't want to text him too much but then I end up not texting at all which might make him think I'm not interested...but how can I tell if he is?

i don't want to be another name on his list, just kissed but not sure how to tell anymore what he might be thinking...I like him so I think I'm overthinking it but also don't want to loose the opportunity to get closer and get cool...but if he's after one thing I rather know & not waste my time, so I know how to play my next moves


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  • Just take it slow and get to know him. Try not to overthink things. When the timing is right, conversations will come up about you two being exclusive to each other if you're both into it. Try not to pressure the situation. Have fun getting to know him!


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