Online dating... when to ask for a date?

Seems as though there is a fine line of when to ask a girl out on an online dating site. How soon is too soon, how long is too long? I know every situation is different and it depends on how the conversation is going, but should a guy wait for a hint? Or should he throw one out there himself first?

I've never actually done it, but there's one girl who I'm attracted too and it seems fairly obvious that it's mutual. We exchanged a couple nice long messages each, and she even mentioned she was on a bad date once from the site (so she's open to dating in general).

Anyways I threw out a hint... I was trying to explain something I do and just said "it's really hard to explain, maybe over a drink sometime :)

So I didn't actually ask her out, but I hinted I would like to. LOL


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  • I think that when its clear feelings are mutual, it's time to bring things offline and into real life. I did the online dating thing and went on many dates. I would agree to meet when I thought the conversation online was going well.

    It sounds to me like this girl and you have good chemistry, hopefully it's the same in real life!

    I would offer to meet up sometime. Say you'd like to meet her. Just go out for a drink or coffee. Then if things don't go so well you can make an easy exit. But if things are going well you can continue the date.


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  • The answer is always no if you don't ask the question. Just go for it. She's expressed interest in getting to know you so why not set something up in person to get to know each other a little more?

  • I usually give it about a week unless the girl gives me her number or brings it up first.

    That being said, it can be tricky at times. Sometimes you'll hit it off and send long messages back and forth and then by the time you ask them out, they ignore you. Over analyzing it is counterproductive. They could have gotten busy, found someone else, are multi dating, have no intention of meeting anyone and just want attention, or they didn't like something you said, making it a dealbreaker.