BOYS!! I need some advice on texting this guy ? ANYTHING WILL BE APPRECIATED!

I like this guy, Robbie. Thursday he asked me for my number, and promised me he would come and visit me during my work after school on Friday. We text for a couple hours, he goes to soccer. I text him around 7, doesn't answer. Whatever, I don't mind. He texts back the next morning, we text for about thirty minutes and he doesn't reply to my message. He doesn't come to visit me at work, hasn't texted me since then. Would I just annoy him if I texted him tonight? ((BEFORE YOU BE LIKE "JUST TALK TO HIM IN PERSON, WE TALK A LOT IN PERSON, IT'S NOT THAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP)) any advice would be very appreciated! Thank you(:


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  • my suggestion is to wait until tomorrow or the next day. but don't wait too long , I'm not a fan of playing hard to get.

    the last thing you want to convey is that you sit by your phone all day with nothing better to do than to await his message.

    I mean, he's not going anywhere. Let him have some time to himself to think things through.

  • I think it depends on tje kind of guy he is, and how much female attention he gets. The less attention he normally gets, the more aggressive I'd be. However, I mean this in a sense that he wants the attention, but doesn't get it.


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