A woman kisses a guy's hand...

I'm already aware about how unusual it is for women to kiss guys' hands (instead of the other way around), but that doesn't mean that women "shouldn't" do it. I find it interesting.



In my scree nstory, a shy guy approaches a woman he's interested in, and he says hi to her.

The woman can tell that they guy likes her, so she takes his hand and kisses it.

Before she kisses his hand, I want the woman to compliment his actions (him approaching and saying hi) ... So far, I've thought of things like: "How THOUGHTFUL." ...and... "That's so SWEET."... But neither of these two adjectives sounds like the right word to describe it.

Will you please share your ideas for what exact adjective I should use?



The woman wants to send the guy the message that he's free to ask her out... What part of his hand should she kiss? The back of the hand, or the fingers?

And HOW should she kiss it? ... I already know that there's more than one way to kiss a hand (the way the lips behave while on the hand) ... There's a different signal behind each kind of kiss. But I just don't know which one contains the signal that I want my character to send.


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  • hrmm... without a greater elucidation of the context of the first question, I can't think of any good adjectives. Perhaps you should use some word that reinforces his personality type. "You feel so familiar" Or, perhaps you should make his hands more kiss-worthy. You could do this by bringing up some activity the guy did that involved his hands--wrote a column piece, cooked some food, picked up the girl's purse that dropped on the ground.

    The second question doesn't seem to fit with the general tone I think you're trying to convey...that woman are not restricted to gender roles (such as kissing mens' hands). If she does the kissing to a shy guy (which if unexpected would make him more shy), it doesn't seem to logically fit that *he* would ask her out. If anything she should coyly suggest some plan which he agrees to, thinking that he came up with the idea himself.

    The problem with kissing is that it comes at a certain point in a relationship and suggests a certain level of closeness. The audience may be expecting this to escalate, but bridging this physical contact with a date, it seems like a step back.

    I think the kiss should be lighthearted and playful with the guy reciprocating back. She could say, "I just wanted to know what you had for lunch...I think you've got great taste." The guy could respond about his taste and then you can work in the meal date from there.

  • 1. how bout "gentlemanly"

    2. hand, if you want more meaning

    fingers if its just playful teasing or whatnot


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