Do you think he took this as a rejection?

This happened last year. So, I have this guy friend. He's the awkward nerdy type, but he's really funny and I've liked him for pretty much as long as I've known him.

One day, our group of friends were hanging out and a girl saw us and said "you two should date." He said "what?" And I turned to him and said "She said we should date." Then he seemed to get slightly embarrassed and we laughed it off and changed the subject. I wanted to ask him out right then, but I knew I'd be moving soon and I hadn't told anybody yet, so I didn't want to put him in a long distance situation.

Anyways, now I'm about to move back there and I would like to give us a try since we've stayed friends. But I'm wondering if he remembers that time and is maybe thinking that I don't want to date since I didn't bring it up that time last year.

I know all guys are different, but I'm wondering what would you personally be thinking in this situation?


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  • I'm thinking that it doesn't matter what he WAS thinking. All that matters is what he will be thinking. If he likes you, what he WILL be thinking after you ask him out is that everything he might have thought doesn't mean jack because now he's getting his shot so all that before stuff goes out the window.

    If he doesn't like you then you won't have to spend anymore time wondering what he thinks or will think or thought or didn't think or might think if you do this or so on and so forth. Go get yourself a definitive answer and just maybe you'll be responsible for the best thing that could of happened to you.

    • Good point! Thanks! :)

    • no problem. good luck.

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  • Just arrange to go out with him to do something you've done before, so he feels relaxed and on familiar ground. If it feels right then move in and kiss him at the end of the evening. I'm pretty sure he'll be happy about it.

    • Haha I wonder. :) He's not a particularly touch-y person, so I don't know how he'd react to me just kissing him haha.

  • Just ask him out if you really like him


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