What do you think happened?

Me: "My eye keeps twitching."

Other Guy: "It means you're gonna kiss a fool."

Girl I Like: "I think you just called me a fool."

(conversation started to de-rail shortly after this, and we started talking about something else)

This is part of some mindless banter between me, some motormouth dude in my class, and a girl I like quite a bit, and would very much like to date...but am not dating, and we've definitely not kissed (except in this dream I had about a week ago). We've known each other for about a year now, and I've asked her out two times--the second time about 5-6 months ago, but she shot me down both times. Since then, though, we've gotten closer, and spend a lot of time together. She's pretty quiet, introverted, stubbornly independent, hates asking for favors, a little bit socially awkward, and kinda nerdy. All things that I am. We share the same sense of humor; often times we're thinking the same thing, and just look at each other and laugh, and people think we're weird. Apparently, we entertain other people with our arguing, and we've been referred to multiple times as 'an old married couple'. To cut the rambling short, I think she's amazing, and every day that I see her is better than the days that I don't. No exaggeration.

Anyway, I mentioned all of that to give you guys a few details that might have some bearing on your answer to my question: the optimist in me tells me that her reply to this other guy was a "freudian slip", and she might be warming up to me. Maybe she's one of those rare birds that needs to get to know a guy first before she decides to date him, and I might have a chance. However, the realist/pessimist in me says once a girl says no, she means no...forever, and all that stuff about a girl knowing she's into a guy happens immediately is true. That I'm doomed to the Friend Zone, permanently. Even though I want to date her because she's awesome, I also don't care to push the issue. I just...really like her, and being around her.



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  • Ask her out one last time. Third time's the charm; whether it be a relationship or not.

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