I met up with my ex in the park this morning.

I have not seen him in two months, However, has been trying to contact me once or twice a week. He has ask me to meet up with him but I had refused him in the past...However, I met him today. He has cheated on me before. He has recently been free from alcohol abuse for four months. He claims he misses and loves me and would like to get back together. He posted a message on date-site for me. I told him that I would meet him in public only. I was not comfortable meeting him in private. Also that we would have to date platonic first, so that he could show me that he was serious, I had to see if I could possibly trust him again...Can I trust this man? Or is he playing games with me again? He really hurt me this last time..

You were right...A couple of days later..a women who he cheated on me with forward a text msg. he had sent her that day...he had also called me the same day...He is still cheating, stealing, and lying and abusing.

He has not changed...He called me later...I told him I would calll him back...I have not call or heard from him since...I also told him that the women he cheated on me with forward me his msg. He deny,deny, deny,but I had the evidence...Thank you for the advise...TRUE...


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  • You're only asking for trouble. Time can only tell how long before he is abusive again.


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