Do you think that USA guys, in their teens and 20s, are less brave and more cowardly than a generation ago?

Not necessarily just in dating, but in an overall sense.

Whether you are in your teens / 20s, or are older than that and have personally witnessed the "generational difference"...


... and reply as much as you like, in dating as well as in an overall sense.


P.S. Feel free to guess the Pokemon! :-P

  • WAY LESS brave / more cowardly than they were a generation ago
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  • SLIGHTLY LESS brave / more cowardly than they were a generation ago
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  • JUST AS brave as they were a generation ago
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  • SLIGHTLY MORE brave / less cowardly than they were a generation ago
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  • WAY MORE brave / less cowardly than they were a generation ago
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Put it this way, 15-20 years ago if there was ever to be a fight, it was a fair fight, You beat each other until the other couldn't get up or he quit. Now it's either you get jumped by a bunch of cowards or the knives come flying out. They're too scared to get hit. Of course not everyone like that but that's the trend I've been seeing.

    And back in the day, if someone was hitting on your girlfriend in front of you, you dealt with it. I couldn't believe some of the answers I heard when that question was asked here once.


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  • That's what the older generation says. My Dad said once that a lot of boys nowadays are p******.they don't want to fight one on 1, man to man, they'd rather jump someone in a group or shoot. He feels younger boys must be scared to get their asses whipped instead of dealing with fights and conflict like they did in his day. You won't win every fight but that's no reason to be a bitch and be scared all the time.

    Shit I don't know I wasn't there


What Guys Said 4

  • not really I think the internet has changed things , they can go online and hit on people or add them as friends on Facebook . they don't have to build up the courage to approach them in person if they don't want to they can do it online

  • Probably about the same tbh.

    Of course the women are voting Way less when they are the ones who have been cowards through and through. I still don't see them ever working up the courage to ask guys out. I still don't see them doing as much of the hazardous work as men. I still don't see them joining the military on the same level as men. Hypocritical bitches...

  • big deal, so what

  • i consider myself passive in the social area of life but more aggressive in the physical, combat area of life, but I think the Internet had made a lot of people become recluses, so that is a factor