Why are some people so "short-winded" or "offended", about explaining their reasons for not dating certian rac

There are many people (some on this site as well; I've been here on GaG for awhile) that seem to get SO OFFENDED when they're asked about why they abstain from dating certain races of people, EVEN IF they are attracted to the person's looks and personality.

I understand reasons such as heavy clashing of culture (raising a family, marriage, sexuality, etc.), or not finding many people attractive of a certain race. That I understand.

These people will say thing such as "i like to stick to my own kind", or "i just don't like (insert race) guys/girls", or my FAVORITE cop-out reason..."it's my preference".


To be blunt, I truly, sincerely, 100% believe, that people of both genders that have this defensive attitude of stark offense in regards to dating a person of a certain race,

are either "stuck on the social stereotypes" of that race, or truly are racist towards that group to a certain degree.


Do you agree or disagree with my viewpoint? Vote and reply as much as you like.

P.S. Feel free to guess the Pokemon! :-P

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  • They were hoping that by saying "It's my preference" and using that to mask any hidden prejudice would be enough and they don't like being questioned; it may bring out their ignorance or make them look like a**holes.

    It is racism to a certain degree. Sounding like a parrot and saying "It's my preference" and "Everybody has their preferences" doesn't change the fact that those phrases are being used to make it seem like excluding a group of people and DISCRIMINATING against them is totally fine and acceptable. Nice to see someone other than me being OPEN AND HONEST about this!


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  • If you get offended and touchy when asked to expand on your own feelings about race, you're probably trying to hide something.there are a lot of closet racists who fake like they're nice, but really can't stand certain groups of ppl.of course its no longer socially acceptable to be blatant with your racialized dislike, so they're trying to cover it up and feel threatened when their true feelings might be exposed. Otherwise why not just be honest? Me personally I will flat out say why I would or would not date x,y,z and generally not give a F*** how you feel about my preferences because I have nothing to hide and no reason to front

  • There are exceptions to every rule, that being said, I personally spend a lot of time around many different cultures, religions, backgrounds, and races. I do tend to clash with certain beliefs and cultures relationship wise but respect them as people and workers, etc... That does not make me racist, it makes me human and true to myself. Not everyone gets along with everyone else even in their own race, it doesn't make them racist it makes them different in beliefs and upbringing. Same difference. Some people just need to stop being on the offensive. I am sure it would be a turn off if someone of another race liked me but subconsciously sabotaged everything believing that everyone was racist. Make sense?

  • Sometimes there is some underlying racism present and they don't want it being exposed.

    Some people really don't have a decent reason behind not wanting to date a certain race, like basing things on stereotypes, and don't want you to know that because it would reveal that they are stupid and ignorant. They already know this but they certainly don't want you to know it.

    In society it is wrong to have an differing opinion about something so people keep like to keep their views to themselves to avoid offending anyone. Saying it is just their preference is the biggest cop out and most politically correct reason if you even want to consider that a reason.

  • Maybe they feel personally rejected.

    Someone more or less says that you wouldn't get a chance because of your ethnicity, something you didn't choose, and you shouldn't feel offended?

    • I misunderstood and answered your question in reverse than gave you one star for bringing out my sensitive side lol sorry

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  • Sheltered people are more likely to be offended given they were only raised a certain conservative way. And a difference in ideas/actions offends them. The simple reason is? They are too small-minded and don't know too much about life, because of where and how they grew up.

    Lack of knowledge from different points of view is the main reason why people are offended, racist, short-winded...ect, ect.

  • How is "it is my preference" a cop out? It is my body and I can decide what I do with it, you do not. So you think people's behavior should be influenced if they are not comfortable getting close to a certain type of person? Do you get cold on your high horse from time to time?

    I really don't feel like justifying myself to you, but in case you go there I will date anything.

    Also everyone is racist to some degree. Humans have had a tribal mentality throughout our existence. Has something in our genetic structure changed that I am not aware of?

    • This abrasion is simply what I'm talking about, everyone.

      " It is my body and I can decide what I do with it, you do not."

      This huffy-puffy aggressive abrasion when talking about this topic...to me signals someone as a closet-racist.

      Otherwise, why else would someone attempt to side-step, strafe, and abstain from giving details about, their "preference", if it wasn't something damning to their social image?

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    • He's a he dummy, and he said that people who get defensive are racist and I am pointing out how he is wrong in more than a few ways. So I can't get defensive? If I do I'm racist? I didn't realize you could call someone racist so casually without offending someone. Personally I get offended when I'm called a racist. The structure of his argument is that people are guilty until proven innocent. Think about it you mongoloid.

    • So if you ask me if I committed a murder and I say no but didn't want to explain myself then I am I a murderer? No. So why is it if you ask about my dating preferences and I just say I'm not racist but I don't feel like explaining myself to you I'm racist according to this guy? Huh? Answer me Toothpaste!

  • Technically, I don't have a problem with black people, considering they are not even abundant where I live.

    And yet, I still usually don't find black females attractive, and I have a preference for paleness.

    So I don't know, but I guess I voted A.

    p.s.: I only know the Pokemons up to #151 :(

  • I agree.

    And it's not one of the original 150 ,so it's not a real pokemon -_q

  • Why is "it's my preference" a cop out? You said that you understand if you they just aren't attracted to many people of a certain race. That's usually what that means.

    Just to make it clear, I'm open to everything, but I notice that other people do get labeled racist for having a certain preference. They're probably tired of being badgered. In some cases, they might be right, but I don't think all of them are. When someone asks why on that type of thing, I think they're looking for a fight. I think they are looking for the other person to throw out a stupid stereotype to make themselves look stupid. That goes for almost anything. If someone asks why this or that is your favorite whatever, your basic answer should be "it just is." Anything you say about can be said about something/someone else through another person's opinion.