Does online dating turn into something more?

I have been single for almost a year now. I am focus on school and my children and don't get to go out much. I recently been doing online dating. I went on a few dates and made new friends. But it hasn't turned into anything serious. How does anyone feel about online dating?


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  • I've had a profile for a long time and it's like rolling dice, but mostly messed up people are on there. Most of the people I talk to are afraid to meet in person. The ones that do meet me in person have issues. They do things like misrepresent their photo or go on one date where it seems like everything's going great and then never contact me again.

    A large amount of girls write in their profile complaining that guys keep messaging them for hook ups and a lot of the girls are extremely picky in the worst of ways. Right on the profile they'll sate not to contact them if they don't have a college degree, own their own place, and they'll even mention what kind of hairdo the person should have. They'll even demand that the first message they get be something amazing. Yet guys will write the best message ever and get no reply from the girl, and be expected to do this for every profile on the site. Guys always complain they get no replies.

    Guys with higher incomes are also defensive about girls who could be searching based on income levels because they insist on going out to dinner for a first date. Some girls are gold diggers and will flock from guy to guy on first dates for dinners and I have seen complaints on forums from guys about it.

    I have met quite a few women overtime and the experiences are not that great. I feel a lot of the girls on these sites have social issues or some sort of disorder or are in a bad situation.

    There are 2 girls I met off the sites for example that I can recall off the top of my head who were outright narcissists and I feel there are many more on these sites since it's the internet and its always going to be about their profile and what they are doing.


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  • For guys unless you are ultra-attractive it sucks a big one. I think I get more dates than average but the women are all super flawed. I've dated a control-freak, a cheater, and an alcoholic all off of online dating. Just started seeing one who seems cool but judging by the pattern she is going to turn out to be shyte like the rest.

    My roommate is an attractive guy and got the pick of the litter and now he is all happy-everafter. For us common-born guys it sucks. It is awesome for women though.

  • it can lead to something , there is definity a lot of people dating people they first meet online . however it doesn't work for everyone and you have to have a good idea what your looking for and some common sense to determine who is worth your time or not


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