If a girl gives you her number how long do you wait to text or call?

I gave my number to a guy who has come into my work and we talked for about 2 hours while I helped him pick out clothes and then about 30 minutes when he came back today. So I slipped him my number on a piece of paper. He said oh okay cool, when I handed it to him right before he left. I know I'll see him Wednesday at a club we both kinda planned on going to. And he mentioned to me going there last night, which I had told him I'd probably go there last night the first time we met. I was pretty positive he's interested.

But anyway, I gave him my number today and he's not text yet. Is that par for the course? Wait a bit try not to see desperate or something. Or since he didn't ask for my number he's probably not into it.


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  • Probably just going to wait to see you at the club, if he figures he is probably going to see you there anyway he probably figures its best to wait, if you don't see him there and he doesn't text by the day after then I would say he is not interested.

    • Okay cool. I feel like he mentioned that he did go because I had said I was going to go but I didn't, so it seemed like a"you weren't there" comment without him saying so

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  • If he's into you, he'll call/text you immediately. If you do the whole "3 day" rule, you're saying "I'm a player and I'm going to play you"

    • Yeah I get that too. Before I gave him my number he was telling me how busy his day is and that he can't stay long, I'm pretty surprised he stayed for the 30 minutes. So technically I didn't expect a call or text until late tonight at the earliest.

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    • Unless he's actually saying something like "want to go to a bar or something". My friends and I don't usually go drinking until after 10, that doesn't mean we want booty calls, it's just that it's a good time to go drinking

    • Yeah of course bar around here aren't good until 12 anyway

  • hmm if I am interested I would text soon. That's just the kind of person I am, I like to be decisive and act when good judgment can be made.

    • My kinda man- no games

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