How can you you get over the one who got away? Please see details.

If you lose contact with a person you are romantically interested in due to difficult circumstances, but were on good terms with them the last time you spoke, how long would you wait to move on? Or is it sometimes impossible to get over them?

How can you gain closure when you'd only communicated online and don't have their number to find out if they're still interested?

I know dating other people in the future will be difficult for me because this person and I truly cared for each other, but we hadn't yet exchanged phone numbers (we met online and both our parents are against "online dating", although we're both in our 20's). I don't know how much more time to wait or what else I can/should do. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I could really use some help.


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  • Not much you can do if there's no way to contact each other.

  • i thought it was impossible but now I know time cures everything

    • How much time did it take for you? I don't have want to keep myself from dating, because I'd like to get to know some new people, but I know I'll feel awkward once I start thinking about this guy.

    • Well unfortunately it took me way to long to forget her(about 4 months) but the thing is I saw here almost every day because we were in the same school

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