Dating someone who has excess skin?

I have lost a fair bit of weight. Well over 100lbs. I do the whole gym thing now and I'm happy with it but I have loose skin in my stomach. There are wrinkles around my belly button and it hangs down a tad.

I'm not gonna get surgery cause its expensive. I know girls are shallow and all so it has me a bit worried.

What do you think of dating someone with excess skin?

I am 5'10 and around 187.

Im 22 now, will my skin go back?


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  • There is nothing wrong with excess skin. It doesn't become unattractive unless we can sense your insecurity about it.

    • I hope you are right but I have to worry about it because girls in todays society are made out to be self absorbed and shallow. It makes me very worried about my skin.

  • Ok, first of, that weight for your height isn't fat. That's actually really good.

    And I don't know about other girls, but I want my guy to be bigger than me. I don't want him to be unhealthy, because he wouldn't be able to do things I like with me (sports and other stuff).

    But I like him to be bigger because I like to feel tiny. I want to feel protected and safe. And if I'm bigger than the guy, well, it's awkward.

    Don't worry. You have nothing to worry about. :)

    • Thank you. I hope you are right. I hope I'm not fat for my height but sometimes I really worry. My skin doesn't bother me but I'm worried that it will bother others.

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