Confused about where I stand with this woman I'm seeing, please help.

Hey guys,

So I've been seeing this woman I met at work for about 3 months now, we've texted or called each other every day since. We've been on a bunch of dates and have a blast every time we're with each other.

So recently I had asked her if she would like to make what we have into something more serious, she said no and that she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. About a hour after that as she was leaving she said we should go out the following day. We go out and again we have a good time. We had a brief conversation yesterday and today I sent a text and never got a reply.

We've made future plans and agreed on what to do next but sometimes I wonder if she's really into me or if I'm something to do when she's bored. Sometimes I feel I'm over thinking but I just can't get a good read on her. Feels like she wants to be with me but keep her options open.

So I guess my question is what do I do from here? I don't want to seem needy but I really like her. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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  • Were you guys seeing each other and exclusive for those 3 months?

    I would stop texting her or calling her over the next few days unless she calls or texts. Space in this situation is a good thing so give her a chance to miss you. If it's been a few days and you haven't talked then call or text her to see how she's doing and make some plans to get together.

    • I haven't seen anyone else since meeting her. As far as her I'm not sure. She did say one that she did that have time to mess with someone else.