How can a guy find a date or even a relationship?

I know this guy, he is probably the nicest person alive, very caring and giving. He is in a wheelchair and has no real way to get out and meet anyone. I just know he hates being alone but doesn't talk about it much because it really brings him down that he can't just be your average man. Is there any advise anyone could give me that may help me help him find someone that will see him for who he is. He is 30 years old and what he has wrong with him isn't a terminal issue but I think him being alone will eventually eat away at him and be he death of him. If any guy out there ever deserved a shot at true love I'd say its this guy. It sucks that when I have been out with him, it seems no ladies will even approach him...


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  • If he's in a chair and can get outside, there should be support groups and other groups he can participate in if he's in a major city. If he's into fitness, there should be wheelchair basketball and bowling, etc...there are likely co-ed groups where he'd meet women too. People with simialr health issue would be able to provide him with the mental support and comraderie he needs, that other people can't...unless you are living with a disability, you cannot begin to understand what it is like. With the internet, there are groups of people to talk to every minute of the day with similar lifestyles. He should get onto online dating sites and chat up women there. He may need to move to a major city to improve his chances and opportunities.

    Best of Luck!


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