Girl friendly to my face but doesn't text back?

I thought we had some chemistry so I got her number - texted her, didn't text back. So I'm thinking, "Fine, whatever". I saw her a week later - she said, "I saw your text but I didn't text back because I got a new phone". What? You can still text me back with a new phone. Then she starts talking to me like it never happened, even "accidently" forgot bus money and said I need to get it off her next time I see her.

I don't understand girls?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You can do way better than this. Not only is she playing games but she is flattered to have you being dragged along for the ride. Ditch her and dish your digits to someone better :)

    Please answer mine if you have the time...


    • Yeah I met this other amazing girl but now I'm concerned all girls do is just play silly games.

    • I am a girl and I know lots of other girls who wouldn't do that. Have faith that good girls who don't play games do exist :) gl!

What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like she's playing a game, tell her ass to give her your day's bus fare back.

    • For sure but it's stupid - if you are playing games you don't want the guy to lose interest and stop playing lol.

    • either she never liked you and that just her way of doing it or she never grew up.

    • I don't care whether she likes me or not anymore - just wanted to understand how a girl's mind thinks in this situation.