Can he just be very forward or is it definitely just a booty call?

So I met this guy through online dating site and we were talking for a few hours through chat function of Facebook today. He asked if he could stop by tonight cause he would really like to meet me in person. Being cautious, I proposed to meet tomorrow instead for a date at a public place, and he seemed excited about it. I am a little apprehensive now though because do guys normally ask to come over after they just met you, and especially just online and not in real life yet? Or do you think he just wanted to get laid? lol. He seemed very nice and respectful throughout our convo, it was just that offer that made it a bit worrysome for me. Do you think he can still turn out to be a nice guy and maybe he is just one of those "move fast" types? He is in the army and has a good job and education, and he just seems to have a good head on his shoulders, but I don't wanna jump into this too quickly. Thoughts?


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  • You did the smart thing.

    Having said that, some people are totally comfortable with strangers coming over. Is he from the South? Anyway, I wouldn't read TOO much into that, because it could be totally innocent. Either way, meeting him in the day in a public place is the right thing to do. And when you get to talk to him, you'll probably have a better feel for what he was after.


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  • you did the right thing, at this point it can go either way. just be careful and see how he goes.