Director adds kissing scene after I sign?

So I got a good role in a small feature film that will go direct to dvd.

Two weeks after I sign and two weeks before shooting, the director adds a kissing scene.

I may be a bit paranoid but the opposite actor I'd be kissing is the director. So it's like he casted me and decided he wanted to make out?

I have some experience with stage kissing but I'm only 19 and I have a boyfriend and am a tad uncomfortable.


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  • 1. Check the scene to see if the script really demands a kissing scene

    2. If no then this is a sublte way of starting something as you say 'wanting to make out' - a good chance at that though

    3. You say you are only 19 yet you are listed here as 26?

    • 1. My character and his throughout the film flirt on and off. He added the kissing scene at the end where before there wasn't one.

      2. I don't know if it demands it. It's not random though.

      3. I really don't know how to change the settings on my age. It's wrong.

    • 1. If your role through the film is flirt on and off and there's just one kissing scene in the end, then sure the script may not need one

      2. Point one does good here

      3. Thanks for the input :) I tried checking myself and I don't c a way to change age. I'll do some R&D before I finally decide there's a way or not :)

      4. The movie industry is a slimy one on sexual count, just watch your step :) good luck

    • someone lying about their here, that's a no no. I bet your acting for us as well.

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  • Yeah that does seem a little sketchy. It is only kissing though and not a nude scene or anything, so if I were you, I'd just try and make the best of the opportunity. You can always talk to him and your boyfriend to try and make yourself feel better about it. Don't do it, if it seriously bothers you.

    • It's only one scene and it doesn't seem to be too passionate, and I stated above that it's not random.

      Just odd why he didn't have it in there from the get go.

  • Maybe. That's acting. If you're serious about acting you're gonna have to do MUCH worse than kiss a sleazy director. Much worse. I suggest you change career or point of view, if this is upsetting you.

  • Is the director steven segal ?


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