School before relationship/dating?

A while back while I was still in high school I decided that I didn't want to date or have a relationship with a so until I complete college, all 6 years or so. Would some of you wait that long for someone you like or would you move on to other people, but be their friend? And what is your view on school before relationship/dating?


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  • I tend to agree that school should be a priority during these years, and there shouldn't be pressure to have a significant other. You should make friends first of all, and socialize with many people.

    An advantage, and a BIG advantage, of not having a sig. other,is that you're free to see as many people as you want, as friends, which is something one SHOULD do when young.


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  • I waited during high school and first couple of years of college. Now I see it was kind of pointless and I missed out on so much, while practically all my friends already built up the experience and currently have a girlfriend, and I'm alone. Now it's really difficult to find someone, and especially because I don't have much experience.


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  • I think in high school it's good to have a bf/gf. But now that I'm at uni, I do want a relationship, but only with someone who is worth my time, with someone whom I know I'll have a future with and who understands the fact that I'll be busy as h* with my schoolwork and exams.

    I know, your degree won't give you cuddles in bed at night, but I don't wanna be dependent of my guy.

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