What do women look for in an online dating profile?

I've been wanting to ask this question for awhile now, my friends and I were discussing what makes a woman interested in a guy, even in online dating.

So lets use me for example , if I visited your profile on some dating site and messaged you, what do you expect from me in order for you to respond.


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  • Good grammar, some humor or creativity.

    Another thing is that your age, picture and overall description of you better match the real self.

    • very true in a way

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    • @ 7gnat you had me at "sexy man". Bahahahahaha :P

    • Thank you <3 <3

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  • I generally responded to everyone, unless they said something overtly sexual or crude. Or if I wasn't sure if it was spam...anything with links is a no go.

    1. That the guy is in the age range and location range that I'm looking for.

    2. That I don't find him 100% unattractive

    3. That we have some similar interests and that he seems intelligent.

    Also, if I didn't answer him ... that he didn't keep e-mailing me over and over. That is too aggressive. Sometimes I would read my e-mails before going to work and then think over my response for when I came home. If he e-mailed me several times after that "seeing" that I opened his message, that was too strong.

  • I'm actually dating someone I met online right now! Crazy... right? You'd think he was a creeper... but he's totally not. He's really sweet and a very nice guy. We've been together for almost two months? Idk, something like that. Not really counting. Hmm.. what caught my eye about his profile... well, he's attractive. I think attraction is important. I am particularly attracted to intelligent people. I liked his job... and I could tell by his interests and hobbies that he was a bit of a nerd (my type of guy). We talked over messages for a while and I noticed right away that he could actually make me laugh over the computer! A lot of my decision was based on our conversation. He didn't come off as creepy or obsessive... we like similar music. Oh and most importantly, we have really similar values and beliefs. That doesn't mean EVERYTHING is the same. I guess I tried to look at his profile as the whole picture and... but that this whole picture didn't represent everything that he was. Just bits and pieces. Movies he likes, music, his values, his looks, hobbies, his job... He seems passionate about what he does and that is important to me. I don't want to date some guy who hates his job... because a job is a big part of our lives. He also has direction and motivation... and that was evident by our conversations. I hope that helps!

  • #1 a recent picture of himself. Nothing annoys me more than guys approaching me online because they like the way I look but don't give me the opportunity to see them.

    #2 not a jerk, sure anyone can fake being nice but some people act like jerks right from the start.

  • a similar level of education. you are reasonably attractive to me. a normal age. I think your profile looks decent. you have a decent job.

    see I am in law school so I really prefer to date someone at least college educated.

    • what if the guy was an electrician/technician?

    • i don't know. I would have to see the whole profile and make a judgment. I'm not the girl you are going to be messaging on that site so don't worry about my opinion. in general I am sure many girls will be fine with that.

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  • What really gets the girls going is:

    "you can't change me so don't even try"

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