Is this a cute poem to text my crush? Legend of Zelda related!

After 3 days of not seeing this girl I like I'm finally gonna be seeing her tomorrow. She's a HUGE Legend of Zelda gamer girl.

Anyway I was gonna text her like a couple hours before I see her

"Rupees are red

Navi is blue,

You're way too cute

Talk to ya soon ;)"

Now onto my second question:

Should I just open up with this text to her? or say hi to her and ask when she's gonna be here?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude that is awesome

    • Thanks man haha

      I haven't texted her in like 2 days(been busy with school and just don't wanna be needy)... so should I just text her this outa the blue? or be like "hey, when you coming in?" *then she responds* then I send the poem?

    • I would just text it but I have never had a girlfriend so I am not sure

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  • I think that's really sweet! You should totally go for it!


What Guys Said 1

  • never use Navi in anything.. anyone who gets the reference will just have flashbacks of annoyance.