Kissing noise

I am always with my friend Betty and sometimes she makes this kissing noise to this other guy. Yet when I am not there she doesn't do this to him? Could she be interested in him? What does it mean? Does it mean she wants to kiss him, is trying to get his attention? I just got into H.S. so I am very puzzled.


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  • for starters what's H.S?

    for seconders what do you mean kissing noise?

    thirdly how old are you and how old is she?

    and lastly is she like a flirt?

    • I'm pretty sure H.S stands for high school.

    • H.S. means High school, kissing noise like a girl mooch mooch mwah mwah third she is 16 and I am 14 and yes she is a flirt

    • 1 you shouldnt have an account if you're 14

      2 she's 16 and a flirt so its likely she does it without meaning