Does cuddling show emotion that a guy actually likes a girl?

this guy I am dating and I were cuddling on the train. well he gave me his arm to hold onto and we were leaning against each other so I put my head on his shoulder. when I did that he leaned his head against mine and nuzzled it against mine and held my hand.

also when he was on the phone he hugged me tight and was holding me close and gave me a kiss.

and he always asks me to kiss him. he kisses me a lot but he also asks me for a kiss on the cheek or lips.

do you think he likes me? is he happy


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What Guys Said 1

  • That is why someone shows affection like that isn't it? To show they are happy where they are, with the person they're with, and he likes being close to you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well all those seem to be true signs of affection in a relationship... Cuddling, holding your hand, kissing, hugging... If someone did not have feelings for another then it would be likely that none of that would take place.

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