How do I get my boyfriend over his awkwardness?

We have only been dating for a few weeks and only see each other twice a week, and just doesn't feel like were dating. Last night he went in for a kiss after we hugged and some reason it didn't happen and made things awkward. What can I do to make things not so awkward when we decide to kiss and what not?


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  • Try and see him more often, hang out. Do whatever you need to do to make it feel more natural. But then if it's still awkward for you then he's probably not your kind of guy. That's all I can say to that.

    • It's hard to hangout more because he is a truck driver so he is only around on the weekends

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  • How did it not happen, did you reject him? I'd say allowing him to kiss you is a start.

    • No I didn't reject him , not really sure what happened that made him back away. nerves maybe?

  • thats odd, I would have thought he would be confident enough to do that

  • Bring up the fact that it is awkward and you just want to kiss him! That's all


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  • He sounds like the shy type - are you his first girlfriend? Maybe he doesn't know how to act around you, he wants to do the 'right' thing and not look silly. It's always like that in the beginning of a relationship, then you get more comfortable.

    • He has had a few girlfriends, not sure when the last time he had one was. That had come to my mind whether or not he was shy cause it has been awhile since he has been in one is a possibility