Need an idea of what to do after our dinner date? (first date)

So he is taking me out to dinner this weekend but we are not going out until 9 because he has to work until 8:30 or so. I don't want to just get dinner and then go home so what should we do after?

Idk if I really wanna see a movie because it'll be late already and plus we can't talk at a movie. What's something fun and different we could do to just hang out and spend more time together? The original plan was dinner and a movie but Hurricane sandy intervened and we had to postpone. Now we can't go out til later in the night

It's going to be chilly out but idc if it's outdoors, then I can snuggle up to him lol, what are your suggestions!?

And no we are not going to either of our houses lol... we both live at home so that'd be kind of awkward


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  • Just go out for a drink. No need for a huge cuddle and snufflesession, it's your first date, take it slow. Even if you didn't live at home, no need to go to his place or yours together. I think a kiss at the end of the date is good progress, haha, or maybe I'm just old fashioned.

    But if you want something different, bowling is always nice. Or look around in your neighbourhood if you see some activities planned this weekend?

    • we've known each other for like 6 years, so it's not like we're getting to know each other. thanks bowling could be interesting. I wouldn't mind just walking around or something.

    • Oh OK, that makes a difference. You could walk around to a nice little place where you have a nice view or something, or go for a naturewalk or something :)