I want to meet some one but can't find any willing to take a chance on me?

I don't get it I am trying really hard to look at the positive side of life and have been doing good. but the one thing I truly want more then any thing I can't seem to close the deal is to find some one for me. I want a big family of my own but keep falling flat on my face. I don't lie cheat screw any body I am 35 full time single dad of two. time is running out if I don't have my big family by 40 I don't feel ill survive it. I know I have two kids but I REALLY want more. I have tried the ONLINE dating thing it has not worked and were I live I have no friends to introduce me to any one. there no organizations to get involved with that I have a intrust in that kind out what else can I do.


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  • don't ever think that time is running out.

    I am engaged , but I dated an older guy once, 32-33 ish. I believe my maturity level maybe be older than my age..but anyways

    it is never like that. you never know when you will meet that person you're meant to be with.

    take this time to mentally prepare yourself for what it will be like for yourself and your children, this second time around.

    I want to make sure you dont' feel unnecessarily anxious, by thinking that there's a time limit, that's only making things worst for you.

    I honestly never tried online dating. For myself I liked being in person and met a few guys at work who were interested in dating me.

    I definitely think the social aspect of your life needs transformation. sometimes you yourself have to get out there.

    Myself, usually I am shy and withdrawn but I actively seek people out to talk to at one of my jobs, but I also have my own business and in an athletic group. and I go to church. so , my social circles are intense right now.

    I think that for yourself, if you can increase the chances you can mingle with people, you're going to increase you chances. this introduces you to a plethora of individuals to date/ see/ talk to. of course, also to make friends. there are clubs, there are organizations, there's church, there's the bar, athletic groups, work, friends at work, the coffee shop etc. there ARE people, there are places. and once you get out of your comfort zone ( like I did) you'll be much better at finding someone. good luck! hope this helped.

    • There is a difference though

      When it comes to a girl looking for guys, it is generally easier because the girl has more options.

      For a guy, it is a test of strength and will power, because there are no options unless you make them.

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  • eharmony!

  • Have you tried dating outside your race or country? Try that. lot's of good people in the world

    • i dating out my race I am OK with but not out sidy my country I don't have money for that I am a single full time dad of 2 and on a limtid buddget

    • mmmm ok.

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  • Well you seem like a nice guy. I am kind of in the same boat as you. Girls don't like nice guys. They may say they do, but they always want the opposite as they say. I have read books, articles, and asked questions on here about girls. Women like drug addicted felons, or pretty boys who primp themselves more than they do, and will treat them like crap. Just like myself, you seem on the larger side. Women deny it, but they hate fat men. They are judgmental and shallow. In person they will tend to hold back more, but in a non confrontational setting like this site, they tend to lash out and say more on how they really feel.

    Guys like us are probably better off without women, but society has brainwashed us into thinking we need them. Humans, like 99.99% of all other species on this planet are not meant to be monotonous. I believe love is superficial and is a learned trait. I get very lonely, but I am trying to stray off from women. ( And that doesn't mean I'm turning gay.) There may be some good women left, they are hard to find. But chances are, until you get a chemical dependency, drop weight, and start practicing what a rapper preaches, you won't find a lasting relationship.

    Women are after danger, or someone they can change. If your a nice guy, they have no interest in that. You got two kids, I'd love to have kids. But you are better than that man. Forget how people think you should live, and do the things in life you want to do. I know it's hard and being alone sucks, but it really is a women's world.

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