Do I just do it?

ok I have a friend how is in love with me for 3 your but he does not t know that I know because I act stupid about it

he is doing every trick in the book to get my attention once he is a nice guy another he is an ass hole that girls just love and I kind of like him but the problem is when he gets the girl he wants he losses he's interest and dump her he acts like a liter boy and in my country every thing has a price even dating so what do I do ? do I just date him and have a big chance that my heart will crush for the first time or just be safe and use my brains


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  • Be safe and use your brains lol! Look, you have seen his actions, he has a history, and not a good one either. If none of the other girls could change him, you probably, very probably will not. If you date him, you are setting yourself up for a heartbreak!

    • thanx

      u know the funny thing is he is the one how told me his history I would not know it if he did not tell know

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    • haha, I would not say that, I was only suggesting idea. You know the guy, I don't, so I take your word he has always been truthful.

      In which case, I stand by my original comment. You are taking a very high risk if you date him.

      But, if you are aware and set yourself up in your mind that leaving you is a real possibility, it can make it much easier if he does. You will be emotionally prepared at least.

    • after thinking about it he could have been lying about it after all I never seen it happen in front of me lol but seriously ass hole (him not u)

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  • Well It's hard to say exactly what you should do given the limited info and not really knowing the two of you, however I don't think your decision should be made solely on the basis that you are afraid of being heart broken. If you wish never to get your heart broken, then you have accepted that fact that you will never date. Love requires risk and heart break is part of the game, we can't all find our solemate the first time around.

    • i actually did accepted the idea seeing that I'm a Muslim if I did not I would have dated all ready lol

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    • i know

      im one of the few how never dated, girls with me don't believe me at first but by time they say yeah we know

    • The quandry of a good Muslim girl lol, if she is a good Muslim, she is often very worth having, but if she is a good Muslim, I, a non-Muslim cannot have her lol.

  • I would not do if it he has a habit of dating someone, losing interest in them and then dumping them, but it is up to you.

    • Notice from the comments you are Muslim. Love mulsim girls, you are so pretty and innocent. Wish I could have one. ):

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    • really?

    • yeah but I don't think you will find girls that are interested in a non libyan guy but other arabic country you will find Muslim girls that will

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