Should I stay with him?

I have been going out with a guy for some time. We have no actual problems, except he ignores me. He keeps telling me that he doesn't get my texts, and messages, which I don't believe, cause there is no way he doesn't receive texts and messages and messages by Skype chat.

I need him, I'm going throw something really hard and he disappearing now makes it worst. I know he is busy with the finals, but he can't be that busy.

I don't know what to do.

On the other side, there is this guy who has been asking me out forever, I need companion, and be with someone, and he is there, but I want my guy. Since my guy hasn't been there, he comes and talks to me and just help me. I think I'm starting to like him!

What can I do? Should I stay with him?


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  • I wouldn't do either one, I would talk to him about it. ask him if he still feels the same way he used to. If he doesn't want to talk about these things then there is your answer...his feelings have changed. A relationship is a LOT about communication and trust. talk to him although it will be difficult and probably awkward (if you're younger) but its part of maturing and doing this will show your maturity and that you do care for him.

    • I'm older! And he won't answer me! I do care about him, a lot!

    • If he won't listen or talk, drop him like its hot

  • It seems your actual guy doesn't give a flying f*** about you. You should dump him.


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