How can I help my friend?

Hey people, hope you're doing well.

Here's the thing: My friend just texted me that she needs my help, she has trouble with her boyfriend. She said that lately he doesn't call or text her, she never sees him, so she sent him a message like "What's wrong with you? You never talk to me! Is it that you don't want me anymore?" or something like that. She said it's been 20 minutes since she sent the message and he didn't respond (apparently he responds immediately). Now she's asking for my help, but I don't know what to tell her. I've tried to calm her down, saying things like "Maybe he turned his phone off", but I don't think that helped at all. This is not the first time that happened, but this time she claims it's "serious" and that she got him angry (she said he had a very rough week, so that's why he's moodier than usual). I really hope you can help!

About the two: she's 18 he's 27. Their relationship is secret, only a few people know about it. He has a girlfriend, they've been in a relationship for 7 years, she lives in a city far away, but he said he'll break up with her soon. (Don't tell me that my friend's relationship is wrong, I told her God knows how many times, she just won't listen to me.) He claims to be in love with her, but, I don't know. Another friend told that me she doesn't believe him, and I kinda agree with her.


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  • DUMP HIM IF HE IS DOING THIS TO A GIRL WITH YOUR FRIEND HE LL END UP CHEATING ON YOUR FRIEND. if he loved your friend he would gave dumped the other girl by now plus a relatuinship doesn't mean anything if its secret she needs to find someone her own age that is mot already taken. Therrs really not much you can do to help but be there for her and encourage her to do the right thing even though she may not want to hear it but the truth hurts and its called tough love if you really care for her just be by her side and provide a sholder to cry on and stick with her through thick and thin and be of support