Any date ideas please?

So, I have been dating this wonderful guy for the last couple months, but lately we haven't been spending much time together or even talking. I am kinda worried we are somewhat drifting apart. I really want to do something fun and romantic to try to rekindle the flame, if that makes sense. Guys, what would be a good date idea and please don't just say sex. (That comes after)

He does love the outdoors and video games...but I want to do something fun and romantic not sit somewhere and stare at a TV screen or just walk around aimlessly.

Thanks :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Paintball, you get to walk around while aiming.

    • Hah we don't have any places for that near by, but that would be fun.

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  • i know where is the best place for you guys to spend some time and am sure you guys will have a good time together..

    go to coffee shop that have music a little bit (I mean the music not too loud)if you don't drink any alcohol.. if you drink alcohl just go to bar just for one or two beers.. or maybe wine :)

    or the third option is go to play billiard

    it is gonna be fun tho!

    if you don't know how to play billiard, ask him to teach u..and while playing blliard you guys also can talk and have a nice conversation..

    one more, the last one, go to swim with him ;)

    good luck!