What should I make of this?

I will try to keep this short. I met this guy online not quite two months ago now. It took us about three weeks to finally meet. We went for drinks and went back to his place to watch a movie. I ended up sleeping over although we didn't have sex. Since then we have hung out four more times, pretty much every weekend. I met his friends on the third date. We didn't text each other much between dates and I was completely ready to give up. Then last week he texted me apologizing for not keeping in contact and that being busy was no excuse. We agreed that we would work on it. The following night I went to his place to watch a movie. We ended up sleeping together and watching a second movie after. He has initiated contact a few days later. My dilemma is, he still regularly frequents the online site we met on. And I'm not judging, because I do too. But do you think he's looking for something else than what I'm giving? How can I make it clear that I am interested in testing this relationship without scaring him off? Also, should I make an effort and ask him to hang out this weekend?


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  • I guess he's probably just keeping his options open, or is just curious about the online dating site - I assume you're doing the same thing if you're still checking.

    I think you should definitely ask him to hang out again - take initiative and show you're interested! If you find an opportune moment, casually bring up your interest in him. Maybe say, "I didn't actually expect to meet someone on there" or something, to show that you like him, and aren't interested in someone else. (Just a suggestion).