What is he really looking for?

Okay here's my situation: Me and this guy have been working together for a month now, we get along really well and we're friends. A couple weeks after working with each other he adds me on fb and starts messaging me, basically telling me he's had his eye on me. At the end of that convo we exchange numbers and have been texting ever since. He texts almost every day, he initiates probably 85% of the time. The texts are really flirty and turn sexual pretty quickly.. they don't cross the line for me, but they're sexual nonetheless. Oh and he's 24 and I'm 19.

Over the past few days we finally straight up admitted we like each other after all this flirty texting. I don't see him over the weekends so I was like, "is it bad that I miss you?" and he said it's not a bad thing at all.. that started us admitting feelings. Since then he's been making the texts a bit more sexual.. including saying that we have to work on my innocence (I basically implied that I'm a virgin.. I'm sure he knows), I said we should, then he asked when we should start and I just told him soon.

At work we're strictly professional.. even when we're alone, nothing ever happens which maybe seems kinda weird since we seem to be completely different people with all this flirting over texts. I'm just kind of confused as to what he wants from me.. I'm thinking just sex, yet I've told him flat out that I'm not easy, and he keeps texting me all the time?! He'll say some sexual things and I'll be like, "not so fast.. :)" "you wish :P" and he doesn't get mad or stop texting, it seems to turn him on even more that I'm being "hard to get" I guess you could say.


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  • He is looking for sexual activities and a relationship.

    He has feelings for you, but you should make him wait another two to three months. If he really likes you, for who you are, then he will understand. Otherwise he doesn't deserve a great woman like you.

    Its awesome that you are mature enough to set your own boundaries, men like that in a woman nowadays. Good Luck to you friend and your relationship.




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