First date forehead kiss

the other day I met up with a guy for the first time. we've been talking for a while. we hung out outside his house it was 3 am. we talked for about another hour about everything literally. even got really personal.

but then when he was gonna go inside, he kissed me on my forehead, then followed by an intense makeout session,

after I left he said he likes me.

(hes 20 I'm 18) any advice?


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  • That is so ironic, because I did this a couple of weeks ago to a girl I really liked. I say do two or three more dates to see if he is being real or not. Some guys get caught up in the moment, and some guys are genuine (like me lol). Just see where it goes and keep your wits about you.

    But guess what ! This seems like it will be interesting journey, so I wish you the best of luck ^_^




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  • Why do you need advice? You seem to be doing good on your own so far.


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