Would you try again?

Okay there is this girl that I went out with a few times, but it has been almost a year since we have actually done really talked other than once in a blue moon. During those times she told me nothing would come of us, at the time I believed her. The times we did meet up for some reason I thought otherwise. There was a time when I was talking to her and asked what she had planned for the weekend. She made it a point to tell me she was going on a date and other things, so I just played it cool and was like alright. I still have her number but don't if I should try again, my thing is I don't want her to think that I miss her and really wanted her even though I screwed up and not continued to pursue her. My thing is if she didn't want anything to happen why continue going on dates with me. So I don't know what I should do.


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  • I am IN this situation right now. I'd let her go.

    For the record, I am her in this situation and I can tell you there's no hope. And even if there IS hope, she's not as into you as you are into her. Give her some space.

  • You *do* know. She told you. No more.

    Toss the number and move on.


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