This happens a lot to me?

What makes you want to open up to a guy you really don't know very well...

Sometimes when I am with a girl usually after we have kissed even if we are not dating and even if she is no longer interested she will tell me her most personal thing, it can be that she is messed in the head from drugs, or that she has been raped.

I know this is something to say on a 2nd or 3rd date and that isn't unusual but girls have either said it really soon to me such as 1st date or tell me these things even if she just wants to be friends.


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  • I open up to guys without even kissing them. I just have to feel like I can trust them and that I'm safe around them.. I usually start blabbing about my life story the minute I realize I like him..

    Sometimes it's from impulse, other times it's just to keep the conversation going. It would be creepy if you were on a date with a girl or just hanging out with her and she just kept asking you random questions about yourself. I find the best way to get to know someone or to get them to open up to you is by telling them something about yourself. Maybe something a bit personal or embarrassing. It'll show whoever you're talking with that you trust them and that you're an open person. It will automatically make them want to trust you as well. =)

    But don't tell them anything too personal or too embarrassing that you would be upset if that story got out around your school or friends... You should never go and trust someone right off the bat just because they're a likeable person..

    • Agreed. ^_^

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    • Some peoples faces are perceived as more trustworthy than others, this is scientific fact

    • Lol, I believe you... It was just funny how you put it...

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  • Some people just give off the "good listener" vibe. People do that to me all the time, especially when I used to work retail, you wouldn't believe all the stories I heard.

    • LOL, I remember me and my friend went to the mall to buy an anniversary gift for her and her girlfriend... She decided to get matching watches, so we went to one of those "stores" that are set up in the middle of the mall.. The guy that selling the watches got off the phone after having a heated argument, my friend commented on the phone call and the next thing we knew the guy was telling us his life story about him and his boyfriend...

    • It was pretty funny because she said, "That's why I only date girls..." xDDDD I died! He looked at her and was like, "Maybe I should try it!"

    • Thats hilarious!

  • I open up to people when I want them to open up to me. To me, revealing personal things usually goes hand in hand with asking someone deep questions. But I'm always careful not to reveal too much--everyone has their secrets to keep, facets of their personalities to obscure.

    It usually happens when I really like someone. My guess is that these girls are into you. Maybe you're a mysterious guy and they want to know more about you. Not sure if this would work, but it's worth a try--you could talk about yourself a bit more to keep these girls from having to reveal personal things.


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