Need Help! I get really nervous when around her.

I'm really laid back and I am good around pretty much anybody. I'm kinda popular and considered a really nice guy by everyone I know. Despite that I haven't ever had a girl friend. Unless you count that one time in 2nd grade... just kidding haha... anyway there is this really cute, outgoing, and nice girl as my lab partner and she shows a lot of physical signs that she likes me.. I've known her for a long time since elementary school... lately she touches my hand every time she gets the chance etc. lol.. I get really nervous when around girls.. I wouldn't say shy, but tons of thoughts of what what should and shouldn't do or say run through my head... there's the outline of it I guess.. now here is the question.. Do you think she is interested? Like I said she is pretty outgoing so I don't know if she would be like that with other people too. What should I do? I try to avoid the subject when I think about it and when we talk.. but how should I approach her? We don't text or anything, but we have each others numbers.. Like I said before, I'm not experienced with dating and when I think about if we were dating, I don't know how it would go or what we could do... anyway please give me any advice and help

lots of thanks


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  • you should tell her you like her. The best way to form a relationship is by open communication. and trust me, you don't want her to tell you she likes you first, because then she might become the 'man' in the relationship. anyways, just tell her how you feel and see what happens. if she gives physical signs that she likes you then you shouldn't have to worry. good luck :)

  • when you're alone with her ask her who she likes or if she's interested in anybody. that might get you a foot in the door because she's gonna know why you're asking...if she says "why are you asking?" just say you were just wondering. that will get her wondering why you were wondering...then she'll tell a friend and that friend will say "I think he likes you!" and that'll get the ball rolling if it's meant to roll. #beenateenagegirlHAVEateenagegirl lol


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