Guys, would you date a girl who is wealthier than you?

If it becomes apparent she's wealthy and you aren't(maybe you're not poor but just not wealthy) would you date her?

would you want her to buy you nice things?

*I'm not asking because I'm "wealthier" than my boyfriend. We haven't discussed income or how much our parents make but just going off of their assets, I'm gonna say his parents are banking a million or so a year. So no, definitely not richer than him lol

side note, a princess goes to my school and she drives a lambo. she crashed it. retard alert


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  • hahah the princess part was funny. If I liked her a lot, it wouldn't matter if she was a queen or a hobo. material things aren't important things.

    • True alpha males respect their mate and love them because she doesn't depend on him.

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  • I have before, I am married to one now. Indeed, over the last few years, I've been connecting real well with wealthier or aristocratic women. I don't have to have a woman "need" me to enjoy the relationship or validate my manliness.

  • I would date her if she was hot and had a brain (practically impossible)

  • So, why would she need me ? She can have everything she wants.

    • money doesn't buy love

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    • It's a lose-lose cause if a girl needs a guy financially, she's a golddigger. If she doesn't, she's up her ass

    • Is it really that bad what you call "macho logic" ? After all, a woman need protective attention, at least during 9 monts of her life, everything else is jut for showing we can provide this protection (yes the so bad mouthed "male pride").

      It doesn't have to be all black and white, nobody has to be wealthy enough to deprive the other of any proffessional activity, no exchange, no dynamic, no relationship.

      If the girl don't need me I don't want her. Is it that shocking ? I have needs too.

  • Well no just because girls raised in families that were rich tend to be douchy and arrogant. They generally also have high standards and expect things.

    I would rather date a poorer girl with ambition

  • When I die I can't take "things" anywhere. I am sick of things. They come and go but memories do not. So I don't care what a woman makes.


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