A little help with chick who friend zoned me?

A girl friend zoned me a while back and when I realized that I started ignoring her completely, no text no messages even no hugs when we say bye, she insist but I bro fist her. Last week she texted me jokingly asking if I am alive, of course I didn't respond, and just now she texts me that she's really getting worried, what to do guys? Do you think there's a chance shell call the cops to check on me? I want to cut all contact cause she has a boyfriend and yet I keep getting signals she's into me and it was very hard for me to get over her, I even told her never to contact me again but she did, with a lame excuse " Oh I need some help with ms excel, I asked everyone but no one knows"


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  • Look at this from another angle;

    Girl makes a friend with a guy. Seems like he's interested, she doesn't feel the same way. Everything seems fine, however. Suddenly, he becomes cold towards her. Won't hug her when saying goodbye like usual, barely ever texts her. Then he tells her never to contact her again. She doesn't know what to do, tries to bridge it with something lame but it doesn't work. Now she's admitting she's genuinely worried about the friendship.

    Nothing about this girls actions sounds vindictive. At most, she liked you a little but wasn't sure. Most likely, you mistook her attempts at becoming close friends as romantic advances. You believe her want for friendship to be malicious. She's putting a lot of effort into being your friend. The femme fatale you imagine her to be does NOT do this to her pets. There ARE girls who feed off attention and boys fighting for her affections, they DO exist - they do NOT make the effort this girl is making. Just because she doesn't want to sleep with you doesn't mean you should entirely discard her. The friend zone is entirely fictional, believe me.

    Talk to the f***ing girl. Even if I'm wrong, even if I'm wrong about all of this, TELL her you feel like you're getting mixed messages and that you're getting friend zoned, TELL her you feel whatever you feel. Don't just bitterly withdraw. Talk to her about it.

    • its really difficult man, I invited her to my place for a movie once, she agreed and I made a move on her and she said she was uncomfortabble so I stoped, few days after we went jogging but we don't jog, we only talk, during that convo she admitted that she tried to make me jealous once -.- after that I invited her for a movie again and she said yes again I made a move on her no luck, after that we go to a party, I get totally drunk and start hitting on her the entire night, her friends had

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    • no problem ;) me and her have talked about this million times already :P she said that I am not frienzoned, its just bad timing anyway I am over her but I must stay friends cause I don't want things to get awkward between us because we are together in every class at university

    • Oh okay. That 'bad timing' thing is always kinda icky, I used to hear that a lot. She was just confused is all, I think. Many girls our age are just confused... I'm glad you're not cutting her out and you're not mad at her or nothing =]

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  • I would tell her that because you're romantically interested in her and yet she has a boyfriend you've determined it is best for you to move on and would appreciate her respecting this choice by not contacting you anymore.

    I would send her this text if you don't want to actually talk to her.

    "I'm sorry 4 not responding, but since I'm in2 you & you have a boyfriend, I cannot maintain contact with u. Plz stop calling/txting me. Thx u."

    It may be too direct for some people to handle, but I've found directness gets the job done usually.

    Good luck.

    • GAG autocorrection is funny... the text quote I had written all the you's as u's but it changed them back to the whole word. Also I had with instead of with.

    • It even corrected w / again to with. LOL

  • I don't get why guys are always like that...I mean I've had many guy friends I've really cared about and they all just left with no closure no nothing all bcoz they were in the "friend zone" ..I mean wth,if you love a girl ,ud rather let go of the entire friendship just bcoz you can't be with her? ..I mean if it was the other way around I'm sure I'd stay friends with a guy I love so that I can make sure he's always happy...isn't that what love is all about? Unconditional love? ...:/ ...lool I just noticed I asked a question instead of answering! Sorry! Haha omg :o

    • unconditional love is stupid, it would make me her slave and I refuse that

  • Oh...in that case your using your head,being realistic,refusing to give with no return,being smart...but you see,true love needs stupidness,illusions,imagination,and sacrifice...

    • lol I don't love her anymore, but I feel that if I stay too much around her ill fall again, bad thing is she's in my every class :P

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  • if she has a boyfriend .. don't waste your time if you wanna be more than friends

  • Its clear cut. Tell her this friendship can't work because of your feelings and that you two can't talk anymore. Cut contact and stick to your guns. if she contacts you about how she missed you, why can't you work things out, yadda yadda just give her an I'm sorry but this is just how it is and nothing more. You don't need to explain yourself to her when you already told her the what and why.

    Being just friends will only leave you feeling awful. Its a friendship that isn't one. Its over now, if it ever had a chance to begin with. So end it. Be respectful and mature about it, but be clear as well. Its for your own good.